Outing Committee

(in formation)


Shlomo Hagler
Noam Insler
Akiva Romanoff

Ross Rothenberg


Sheva and Dov Adler
Annie and Yale Baron
Devorah and Josh Chaitovsky

Tammy and Danny Chesner
Leora and Abie Cohen
Alyssa and Ari Forman
Alisa and Jonathan Gellis
Dahlia and Baruch Goldbrenner
Lisa and Josh Gottleib

Caren and Michael Graber
Ronit and Shlomo Hagler
Robin and Noam Insler
Roni and David Isaacson

Melissa and Ethan Keiser
Chanie and Jeff Kohn
Orly and Daniel Krause

Samantha and Avi Levenbrown

Elizabeth and Ofer Naor
Moshe and Dawn Orlinsky
Gail and Binyamin Rieder
Aviva and Paul Rolnick

Tamar and Ross Rothenberg
Shani and Doug Rothschild
Elana and Marc Rothenberg

Daniela and Laurence Schreiber
Elissa and Steven Seltzer

Mugsy and Yudy Sheinfeld
Sari & Yaakov Sheinfeld
Yosepha & Yitzie Solomon
Jaime and Marc Srolovits
Rachelle and Saul Stepner
Pnina and Jason Suss
Amy and Chanan Vogel
Shua and Rachel Winkler