Tidewater Center Spring Campaign
Donate by July 4th, and you’ll receive
2 FREE tickets to Arm-of-the-Sea’s

2019 Esopus Creek Puppet Suite 

This spring we’re raising funds to complete a $45,000 Coalbin renovation. This 115’ x 44’ concrete structure will become our initial outdoor performance and exhibition space.

We’ve already raised $20,000 for the renovation! Now we need your support for the remaining $25,000. Please make your tax-deductible contribution today: online by clicking here or by sending a check, with your name and email address to: Tidewater Center, PO Box 175, Malden on Hudson, NY 12477.

*Minimum $25 Donation

With your help, we will:   

  • Clean off the graffiti.
  • Repair the floor and stormwater drains.
  • Secure the space with decorative gates.
  • Build a performance arena with raised seating.
  • Install a large awning over the stage and seating area.

Please join us in bringing this special waterfront revitalization project to fruition!