Designing, creating and programming the Tidewater Center is a multi-year project. For over sixty years the site lay derelict and abandoned. It is an industrial brownfield contaminated with heavy metals from coal ash. It also contains brick rubble, large scraps of machinery, partially demolished buildings, and a labyrinth of underground sluiceways. It is located on the Esopus Creek floodplain and on a tidal estuary. Thus, our designs must take into account flood events and sea level rise.

To date we’ve developed a detailed vision, secured initial funding, established good working relationships with the Village of Saugerties and other regulatory agencies, have a Master Plan nearly in place, and have made significant progress clearing the site.

Our goal is to have the Tidewater Center open to the public in 2020, with seasonal programming to follow.

Please join us in making the Tidewater Center a resplendent reality.

Accomplishments and Plans   

  • Secured initial funding to begin site work, design and planning
  • Initiated design process with One Nature LLC for Master Plan
  • Cleared property and fenced large ruins
  • Constructed access road
  • Approval of Master Plan and site plans for Phases 1 & 2
  • Clean up coalbin structure and remove graffiti
  • Cap site with clean fill
  • Complete initial landscaping
  • Construct two flood-resilient structures
  • Begin seasonal programming
2021 – 2023
  • Design & build Waterworks Playground
  • Install dock, kayak ramp, & Aquatic Classroom
  • Complete Phase Two of approved Master Plan
2023 -2025
  • Design & build permanent facilities, including a 99-seat theater