Founders / Directors

Marlena Marallo and Patrick Wadden are founders / directors of Arm-of-the-Sea Theater and the Tidewater Center. Marlena is a visual artist, while Patrick writes & directs the productions. Their vision fuses the age-old insights of the arts with cutting-edge perceptions from modern science. That twin sensibility informs and guides the Tidewater Center.

Steering Group and Advisors

Deborah Conathan – Tidewater Center Comptroller, Former comptroller (20+ years) for Family of Woodstock
Marie Daniels – Science teacher at Woodstock Day School, Masters in Elementary Education, initiator / director Arm-of-the-Sea Art and Science Camp
John DiNicolo – CPA & retired university instructor
Robin Goss – Artisan and local citizen
Shabazz Jackson & Josephine Papagni – Co-owners, Greenway Environmental Services, certified compost facility operators and designers of Zero Waste Systems and storm water management plans
Jolanda Jansen P. E. – Attorney and Principal, Jansen Engineering PLLC, which does Site Plan and Subdivision Engineering in Dutchess County, NY
Laura Rock Kopczak, PhD – Tidewater Project Manager, business professional and educator specializing in supply chain management (30+ years), Arm-of-the-Sea Theater performer
Dave Minch – Architect with 35 + years’ experience
Susan Murphy – Community activist, retired nurse, sign painter & member of the Climate Smart Saugerties Task Force
Abby Newton – Professional musician & recording artist
Soyal Smalls Arm-of-the-Sea performer with Masters degree in Public Administration
Peter Varner – Construction Manager for NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection, wide experience in the construction industry
Jean Whelan – Designer & associate Arm-of-the-Sea artist since 1990

In Memoriam

We fondly remember Susana Meyer and honor her contribution to this project. Susana was an artist and opera producer. She photographed the Tidewater ruins for years before her untimely death in 2018.