Young Judaea Mission Statement:
To inspire American Jews’ life-long engagement with Israel and the Jewish People
Through immersive informal and experiential education, Young Judaea fosters a sense of value and love for Jewish tradition and ritual, as well as pride in the Jewish people, Israel and being Jewish. Our life-changing experiences provide an open and pluralistic environment that encourages mutual respect and understanding between diverse groups of Jews, and empowers our chanichim (participants) by imbuing them with the self-confidence, independence, problem-solving skills, knowledge, and other tools they need to make informed choices for themselves and the communities they will help to shape.
  • Young Judaea is a Zionist youth movement that embraces the diversity of the Jewish people.
  • We inspire Jews to connect with their Jewish identity and to the Jewish people – past, present & future.
  • We are committed to supporting the centrality of Israel in Jewish life.
  • We empower our participants to imagine & bring about positive change in Israel & the world at large.
  • We grow insightful, educated and creative leaders through powerful and life-changing experiences.
  • We plant the seeds for a lifetime of commitment to Young Judaea’s values, vision and work.

Young Judaea is more than a series of programs – it is an ecosystem of summer camp, year-round and Israel experiences that offers participants a continuum of interrelated Jewish involvement and leadership development experiences through every stage of their formative years. For more information please visit: