Charles DeVerna
EPIC Champion Award

Over the past few years, EPIC Long Island has come to understand and appreciate at least two of Charlie DeVerna’s passions in life: his son, Conor and golf.  How we came to know this is simple: when Conor moved into one of our group residences, Charlie became a regular visitor at the home and the agency, and an enthusiastic participant in our annual golf outing.   In the process of becoming an integral part of the EPIC Long Island family, he has become a trusted advocate for parents and staff, a much-valued member of our golf committee and a great friend to EPIC Long Island.

It is with joy and gratitude that we honor Charlie DeVerna at the 2018 Annual Don Luneburg Golf and Tennis Classis with our first-ever EPIC Champion Award.

Charlie has many other passions, including his wife Cindy Craft, fishing, spending time on Shelter Island and his family.  He enjoys visiting his friends and favorite haunts throughout Manhattan and across the country.  And, of course, he loves Conor and golf.

Charlie is retired from the financial services industry.  He was Founding President of Ascent Funding Organization, which started the Ascent School for Individuals with Autism.