The goal of the Catholic Scholars is to create a community of committed students who are called to be leaders in and in service to the Roman Catholic Church.

Catholic Scholars take part in a four-year developmental program that translates faith into action. Students apply for membership in their senior year of high school, and if accepted into the program and into the University, they commit themselves to faith-based leadership training, service and prayer, to form a deeper understanding of what it means to be a leader inspired by the Catholic tradition.

They join a community of committed students, who together with faculty and campus ministers engage in monthly workshops, coursework and prayer experiences which deepen their integration of faith and reason.

Catholic Scholars participate in shared course work in the following courses: Discover New York, Introduction to Christianity, Catholic Social Teaching, Christian Responsibility, and a Senior Seminar. This coursework sets the foundation for the curriculum in their monthly workshops as they develop as formed Catholic leaders.

Catholic Scholars assume important leadership roles within the community of faith and service at St. John's University in preparation for becoming faith-inspired Catholic leaders for life.

The Catholic Scholars curriculum is rooted in the 1985 Bishops' pastoral letter on Campus Ministry, Empowered by the Spirit. This pastoral letter continues to stand as the foundation of strong pastoral program efforts directed toward young people in higher education. This letter underscores the importance of ministry on campus and highlights the unique privilege and opportunity of this role. Empowered by the Spirit speaks of campus ministry as the opportunity to bring the Gospel alive on campus.  Four of the six basic tenets serve as the model of the Catholic Scholars.

                  Year 1: Developing leaders for the future

                  Year 2: Facilitating personal development

                  Year 3: Forming the Christian conscience

                  Year 4: Appropriating the faith

As a Catholic Scholar, Freshman students engage in service initiatives in the following ways: campus-based, liturgical and faith formation. Students also begin to develop their leadership as student ministers, executive board leaders and leaders throughout campus that include, but is not limited to, Residence Life, Student Life, Student Government, Orientation, Student Ambassadors, Greek Life and Athletics.

Sophomore students commit to a year of service as members of Evangelization teams as they serve the local diocese in facilitating retreats for elementary and high school students. The Sophomore Catholic Scholars also participate in an optional pre-session Study Abroad cohort in Paris and Rome focusing on Vincentian and Catholic leadership.

Junior students commit to an apostolate year as they serve as youth ministers, leaders in children liturgies and teachers in religious education programs in the local dioceses.

Senior students participate in a year of group spiritual direction as they continue to integrate their academics, vocations, and Catholic faith to prepare for their future beyond St. John's.