Since 1996, the Tiger Woods Foundation has been redefining what it means to be a champion. We believe that breakthroughs can come from anywhere. Our focus on a uniquely creative and completely immersive approach to education doesn’t just change a child’s life, it transforms them completely. Through this deeply transformative process we create Unexpected Champions.

“The Tiger Woods Foundation has helped me throughout my college career in many ways. I will never forget when the program paid for my very first suit. I never thought I would be good enough to own a suit. I am grateful for everyone at the foundation for instilling in me the confidence to pursue my goals and dreams.”

We don't allow our students to exist with the labels or restrictions or stigmas that have been placed upon them. We empower them to exceed any and all expectations.

Learn how the Tiger Woods Learning Center unleashes the full capacity of students and prepares them for today's jobs, and the ones that don't exist yet.

Can a scholarship program guarantee a degree? The holistic structure of the Earl Woods Scholarship comes pretty close.

Visit our newsfeed or follow us at @TWFoundation to track our 20 years of breakthrough student transformations.

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