Proceeds from the 51st Annual Gentlemen’s Dinner will go towards the purchase of a molecular breast imaging (MBI) machine, making Mercy Medical Center the first hospital in New York state to feature this ground breaking technology. MBI is revolutionizing women’s imaging through the use of a radioactive tracer and special camera to detect breast cancer despite dense breast tissue, which applies to 50% of women. This is the first innovative technology in breast imaging in years and can help in the fight to reduce breast cancer deaths. Coupled with 3-D tomosynthesis imaging, another leading technology, MBI will allow Mercy the ability to better detect cancer to save lives. Mercy is recognized as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology, offering a range of imaging options for breast health. At Mercy, we are committed to offering excellence in care to our patients, using the most modern imaging equipment to assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.