The Moser Family  

The Family of the Year

The Moser Family

The Moser family has been a part of the EPIC Long Island family since March 2014 when their son Jesse moved to the Baldwin residence. Jesse was at The Center for Discovery’s pediatric residential program for 11 years and lived at home prior to that. He was born with a multitude of physical and mental challenges. At The Center Jesse grew as a person and enjoyed many activities, including: swimming, nature, farming, music, horseback riding and even wheelchair dancing. The Center gave him the opportunity to experience things that would not have been readily available. When Jesse was aging out of the pediatric residential program, the Moser family found EPIC Long Island. Transitioning to EPIC Long Island marked a new chapter in Jesse’s life.

Joining the EPIC Long Island family was a transition for Monica and Bruce as well. Always very engaged in Jesse’s life, they quickly got involved in Jesse’s group home and the Day Habilitation Program. It has been EPIC Long Island’s good fortune that the Moser family has a passion for volunteer work. The Moser’s favorite thing to do is to work with individuals with special needs of all ages. They advocate for the importance of volunteering for people with special needs and to ease any misconceptions they may have. Throughout their volunteer services they consistently share the message that those adorable children are growing into adults and hence need more funding and servicing than ever before. Monica participated in EPIC Long Island’s #beFairtoDirectCare campaign writing letters to legislators about the need for funding to support wage increases for Direct Support Professionals.

As an employee of Neuberger Berman, Monica participates in the company’s Celebration with Service, a company-wide program that gives employees an opportunity to volunteer their services in a multitude of activities within their community. Through Monica’s advocacy, EPIC Long Island was invited to participate in the Celebration with Service – the first time an agency for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities participated. Over the past two years, Neuberger Berman has created themed parties for the Day Habilitation program, with volunteers decorating, serving lunch and dancing with participants. Monica’s efforts to connect us with her employer have resulted in raising awareness of our mission and the support of Neuberger Berman for EPIC Long Island’s Capital Campaign.  

For their ongoing efforts to advocate for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and enhance the programs and services of EPIC Long Island, we are pleased to recognize the Moser family as the Naomi & Barney Silverman Family of the Year.